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Dear Friends and Clients,

We are facing a situation without precedents. The COVID 19 Pandemic has motived the distancing between families, friends, companies, communities, changing their lifestyle.

For that very reason, and, in first place, Ano 2000, is with all those, that directly and indirectly are affected by this virus!

In second, we would like to reinforce, that even distant, we continue with the same spirit, keeping the quality of our products, as our availability to cooperate in all you need.

Lastly, but not less important, the company Ano 2000 was founded in essentials values – Trust, Cooperation, Integrity, Proud and Quality – and are these values that continue guiding its decisions and all that it do!

Keep safe!


Our family business was founded in 1987, in Maia city.

Since the beginning till our days the company has been growing and developing, promoting in these recent times its own brands Tom Cake, Tom Milk, Tom Food, Tom Jam and Fontalis

We are proud of our brands, of what we do and all we propose doing.
Our goal is to keep improving our performance, giving response to all of our clients needs.
We like to work as a team, since we are aware that the results will be achieved more efficiently.



We want to be a reliable brand
in the eyes of our consumers,
spreading our flavours nationally
and internationally.



Our aim is to be a reference company
in the food segment,
through a portfolio
of quality products.




questions, suggestions, complaints or compliments?